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Cyprus Vista Garden Apartments

Useful Info

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Looking for a new home can be frustrating and expensive. 
Especially when most landlords will ask you for an application fee every time you submit a Rental Application.
There are things you can do to prepare yourself before you go out to view available apartments that will make your search a bit more affordable and "oil" the application process to ensure a smooth transition from apartment hunter to new resident.
As a Rental Applicant, how can YOU stand out from the rest?  It's easy! 
  • Submit a totally completed and neat (easy to read) application.
  • Make certain names and phone numbers are correct
  • Give details... all prospective landlords want details about your previous rental history and current situation.
  • All adults in household needs to submit their own rental application except in cases where the heads of household are a married couple.
  • Submit your Rental Application Fee with your Rental Application.
  • Download your own Credit Report and make notes on the Report before you submit with your Rental App.  Explain all accounts in collection and/or all info that is NOT correct.  Credit Bureaus make LOTS OF MISTAKES.  Don't be a victim to their inaccuracies.
  • Once you have submitted your application and check or money order for your app. fee, DO call back in a couple of days to follow up. 
  • Be ready to put money down to HOLD the desired apartment while the Landlord is processing your application.  If you are accepted by the Landlord, your Holding Deposit is usually credited towards your refundable Security Deposit.  And if your application is NOT accepted, your deposit is usually returned to you in full. 
  • Always ASK FOR A RECEIPT from the Landlord or agent for the landlord when ever you submit money (with your rental application) for any reason.  Reputable Landlords will always give you a receipt... and especially if you ASK FOR A RECEIPT.
  • Unless directed otherwise, ALWAYS CALL the On-Site Manager before you go to view an available apartment.  Just because the Manager lives on-site, doesn't mean s/he is always there and immediately available to show you current vacancies.  Calling before you leave means that you will be sure to find that there is someone who can show you the vacant apartments AND you will be warmly welcomed when you arrive.